PETA protesting local Walmart, wants the company to cut ties with Ohio company

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protested outside of a Peoria Walmart demanding the store terminate its relationship with an Ohio company.

Seven members of the animal rights group, including one clad in a chicken suit, held picket signs Thursday afternoon outside of the location on Allen Road.

Jonathan Horn, a PETA campaigner, said the organization recently discovered Trillium Farms Holdings abusing animals and killing animals. He said the company supplies Walmart with eggs and PETA wants Walmart to sever those ties.

“A recent PETA investigation into a massive filthy factory that supplies eggs to Walmart’s Great Value brand showed workers violently handling animals,” Horn said. “They were cramming them into tiny kill boxes and gassing them with carbon dioxide.”

Horn said PETA is also asking Walmart to choose vegan options instead of the bodies and eggs of chickens. He said if more people saw the footage of animal cruelty they would choose to consume more vegan products.

“Most people love animals and don’t want animals treated this way and when they see that [footage from Trillium Farms] we know they would never choose to support an industry that abuses animals like that,” Horn said. “There’s plenty of egg substitutes and chicken substitutes that are vegan and are entirely cruelty-free.”

Horn said PETA will continue protesting Walmart stores throughout the country.

Walmart has not responded to request for comment.

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