Pets, frights, and BOOM: How the holiday might be scary for your furry friends

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PEKIN, Ill. — While many Fourth of July celebrations have already kicked off — you might be quick to forget about your pet, or your neighbor’s pets.

The loud booms caused by fireworks can be nerve-wracking or potentially life threatening to certain pets, and TAPS No Kill Animal Shelter in Pekin says there are certain steps you can take to help keep your furry friends in good hands.

“This week is one of the biggest weeks that we see stray animals coming into animal shelters because they run away trying to escape the noise, so be extra careful to make sure they have their collars with tags on and you know how to get in touch with your local shelters if they go missing,” said Holly Crotty, Executive Director of TAPS.

She says being courteous of people around you is also important. “Please be respectful of your neighbors because animals are very fearful and it gets very hard. If you feel like you need to do it please do it in a limited time frame and not do it all evening long because there are animals in your community that need a break,” said Crotty.

TAPS will be closed Wednesday and Thursday for the holiday, as they try to not send animals home before Independence Day. They’ll be keeping a low profile to ensure the safety of the animals.

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