PHS official says declawing is up to pet owner, veterinarian discretion

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PEORIA, Ill.– Declawing cats is a hot topic after New York passed a law banning the removal of cat claws.

It’s the first state to do so.

While declawing could have many pros to some pet owners, the Peoria Humane Society’s Education Coordinator Kitty Yanko informs pet owners about other options.

“Cats just naturally like to scratch. It’s just how they naturally remove their claws,” she said. “So they need a spot to scratch. It’s normal. I think declawing is something people should talk about with their veterinarian.”

Using scratching posts with cat nip or using double sided tape on furniture can deter cats from scratching furniture. However, if learning measures are not working, Yanko said it is important for pet owners to understand the risks of declawing an animal.

She said if the owner chooses to declaw, it should be when they are younger. Owners should also check their pet’s overall condition because it may or may not be a good candidate for the procedure.

Although declawing is completely up to the owners in Illinois, Yanko said owners have chose to surrender their cats because of behavioral issues, like scratching. She said she would rather see animals go to a good loving home than be left homeless because they are clawed.

Throughout the rest of the summer, the animal shelter will continue to have waived adoption fees which will include shots, microchipping, spayed/neutering, one month of pet insurance and city tags.

For more information about how to adopt or upcoming adopting events, visit The Peoria County Animal Protection Services website.

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