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PIA needs your input. Where do you want to travel?

PEORIA, Il. - Directors at the Peoria International Airport say they are always looking to add different destinations to fly, to and from central Illinois, but those decisions rely on your input.


This week PIA took to Facebook asking people if they'd rather have non stop flights to Denver or Los Angeles.


LA has the beaches, the city is nice and has a lot of fun things to do ” said Dunlap senior Albert Li.


Caterpillar employee Jacob Lyon thought differently, “I’d much rather have a direct flight to Denver than LA.” He adds, “There is much more to do around Denver and it has year around seasons,


While the airport ultimately doesn't have final say on which cities it can offer, customer input is vital to adding another destination.


We'd like them to lets us know are they traveling for business or leisure,” said Director of Airports Gene Olson. He adds, “We want to know how many times a year do they think they'd go.”


Olson says PIA will continue to work hard to bring you more nonstop destinations in the future.


It would be great to add either, we already go to 4 out of the 5 most connected hubs in the Unites States, adding another hub like Denver would add a whole new route structure to what we can do.”


PIA leaders say you can send them that valuable information either on their Facebook posts or by email.

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