BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The attorney defending a Bloomington piano teacher convicted of sexual assault of a child has withdrawn from the case.

Gal Pissetzky requested to be removed from Aaron Parlier’s case, and the judge allowed it. According to Pissetzky, he wanted to be removed from the case because Parlier doesn’t have any money to pay him and the family has also run out of money.

He will continue to represent Parlier in an upcoming appeal, but will not be involved in the new trials Parlier will be facing for additional charges.

Despite that, Parlier asked the judge for a public defender moving forward, and that request was granted. The state was against Pissetzky removing himself, because it felt this was a delay tactic.

The state said Pissetzky knew he was going to withdraw himself from the case after the first trial, but waited until Jan. 19 to request removal, which it said wasted a lot of time.

A status hearing will be coming up in early March. The judge will look to resolve the issue of getting the new public defender up to date in April.

Parlier is facing five more trials involving other victims. His next trial is scheduled for Feb. 14.