PEORIA, Ill (WMBD) — “Typically, we would begin sooner than what we have this year. Farmers like to start planting about April 15th. So we are a couple weeks later than what we normally would be,” said Patrick Kirchhofer Farm Bureau Manager Peoria County.

Kirchhofer said despite the somewhat late start, farmers are still getting their seeds in the ground.

“They’ve made great progress in the last couple of days and I would estimate that probably 15% to 20% of the crop is in the ground. Both corn and soybeans,” said Kirchhofer.

The wet weather in the forecast could put a pause on that quick progress, but another factor is also having a hefty impact.

“There’s some products that are a bit harder to find, a lot more expensive,” said Glassford farmer Justin Towery.

Towery, said when the weather cooperates, planting has been smooth so far. But recent economic trends have had an impact on him as well as other farmers.

“When I’m paying twice as much for diesel fuel as I did 24 months ago, that’s just a small bit of what goes into running these or putting a crop in,” said Towery.

Towery said he hopes the weather dries out soon so he can finish planting.