Planting season underway in Peoria County, farmers making progress

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PEORIA COUNTY, Ill. –(WMBD) — Farmers across Peoria County are making progress as planting season has just gotten underway.

“I’m about 90% done with my soybeans and about 50% done with my corn,” said farmer Ross Pauli.

According to Peoria County Farm Bureau manager Patrick Kirchhofer, this is a common theme in the area.

“As far as the corn and the soybeans percentage planted, I would say there’s probably, in this area, maybe 60-70% of the corn planted and maybe 50-60% of the soybeans planted,” said Kirchhofer.

The warm weather last week helped the emergence of crops that have already been put in the ground, he said. However, the planting season hasn’t been perfect across the county.

“It varies according to which area you’re [at] in Peoria County. Maybe further north around the Princeville area, west Brimfield area, where there is blacker soil and maybe a little more tillage is done, the soil will warm up faster and guys will get out in the fields a little bit quicker, compared to the southern part of the county where typical there is more soil conservation tillage done and the ground warms up a little bit slower,” said Kirchhofer.

And thanks to the recent weather patterns the last few months, local farmers like Pauli were able to plant as early as April 6.

“Actually, this is the earliest I’ve ever planted. I usually start planting around the 20th .. That’s kind of a normal. That’s what I did last year,” said Pauli.

However, Kirchhofer said the sooner, the better, when it comes to planting.

“If farmers can get their seeds planted earlier in the season and off to a good start, that just gives those plants more of an opportunity to put on seed throughout the growing season. Each time, each day we pass by, that’s less growing degree days that plant is going to have to put on seeds,” he said.

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