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6th graders at Jefferson Middle School in Morton can now call themselves poets.

The students published their own book featuring 53 poems in all.

“We did an intensive poetry unit from Wordsworth, Longfellow, Emily Dickinson, Haiku, Tomka,” says 6th Grade English Teacher Summer Geist.

“It was cool to see like all the other like authors point of views on poems,” says 6th grader Ava Ciocca.

Here’s an example of one of the poems published in the book, written by Yonas Wuthich.

I am from two homes, I am from Ethiopia from Addsababba and Dunna.

I am from the hot, scorching, festive plains, I am from Firethorn the bright round bush.

I am from the dancing and the joyful.

I am from the traveling of water and watering the plants, from be respectful and be polite.

I am from Christian religion, I am from Ethiopia.

According to Geist the poems wasn’t something they wrote in just a class period, they worked on them for a couple of weeks.

“I am so proud of them,” says Geist. “They didn’t just take what I asked them to do they took what I asked them to do and they raised it to the next level.”

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