Police warn community about cop impersonation

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A local police department is warning residents.

McLean County has seen a couple incidents of a man posing as a cop. He pretends he’s in an unmarked police car. He is using blue lights to “pull over” vehicles. Most police departments use red and blue lights.

“If something raises the hair on the back of your neck about a situation, you are feeling correctly,” said NPD Officer Greg Leipold. “And go with your feeling.”

Off-duty paramedics and firefighters have blue lights, but will never pull you over.

“If you’re in a rural area and you can’t get to 911 and you can’t get to a place of safety, there is nothing wrong with just rolling your window down a portion of the window length,” said Officer Leipold. “So you can make verbal contact with whatever person that is. I would encourage you not to get out of a vehicle, not to get in a vehicle.”

The Normal Police Department said there are things you can do if you suspect foul play.

“If someone with just blue lights pulls in behind you, as you pull over to get out of their way, yeah that should raise a red flag,” said Officer Leipold. “And I would strongly suggest finding a place of safety or calling 911.”

Officer Leipold said you should call 911 if you have suspicions. The operator will tell you if the cop is legit or an impersonation.

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