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Pollinator-Friendly Solar Energy Bill Passes

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - The Illinois General Assembly passed a pollinator-friendly solar energy bill late Monday.

Senate Bill 3214 gives an extra boost to solar energy development already underway in the state and offers benefits to multiple stakeholders.

The bill was sponsored by State Senator Jason Barickman and State Representative Tom Bennett.

The legislation will encourage solar developers to create habitats for bees, monarchs and other pollinators within their solar sites. The projects will create job opportunities for seed growers and landscape companies.

"SB 3214 will encourage solar site owners to convert otherwise wasted space into natural habitats," says State Sen. Barickman. "In addition to increasing habitat acres, this legislation is good for farmers and other growers and for local economic growth."

The bill also ensures that solar arrays will be managed to prevent propagation of noxious and invasive weed species.

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