Popular North Pekin skating rink closing temporarily for remodeling, will be under new ownership

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NORTH PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — After 15 years, Planet X Roller World is getting a new owner.

Jordan Remagen, Planet X’s general manager, said the popular roller rink has been under his family’s ownership since 2006, and now it’s time to say goodbye.

“It’s a little bittersweet, we obviously really enjoyed this,” Remagen said. “It’s not something that we can walk away easily from. We’ve come to know a lot of our customers so it is going to be kind of a sad goodbye.”

Remagen said he came from Arkansas to Pekin to specifically manage the business and he along with his wife Joy have been running the rink since 2012. He said now they plan to hand it over and move back closer to family.

“The just timing felt right, and it’s the beginning of a new chapter for us,” Remagen said.

He said Wednesday will be the last night under their ownership and Thursday the new owner will take over and the roller rink will close for remodeling.

Remagen said he doesn’t know when the rink will reopen or what specific changes are planned, but he said the business’ name is here to stay.

“It will still be Planet X, I do know that he [the new owner] has filed for a different version of the same name,” Remagen said. “So it will be different with the state but can still stick with the name the community knows.”

Joy Remagen, Jordan’s wife, and Planet X’s co-manager said she will also miss helping kids lace up their skates and roll out.

“I have grown to love these kids because I have watched them learn to skate with me because I didn’t know how to skate when we first got here either,” Joy Remagen said.

Jordan said the rink has always been a place to make memories and bring families and friends together.

“It’s timeless fun, it’s something that’s been around for years, it’s something that everybody has done so you can really enjoy it and a family,” Remagen said.

He also said it’s been difficult operating the rink over the past year from the pandemic, but he thanks the community who were still able to come out and support them once they reopened.

Remagen said Planet X will still be open to the public, with COVID-19 restrictions, Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and they’re hoping those coming can enjoy the last night with them.

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