Potential Woodford Co solar farm has residents calling for board members to listen

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Residents and the Mayor of Eureka are speaking out with disappointing tones as the Woodford County Zoning Board of Appeals gives a solar farm one last hurdle to jump before coming to town. 

“My kids play here,” says David Prather, a home owner. “This is entirely too close to them.”

A 4-1 vote, “The issue is simply location,” says Scott Zimmer, Eureka Mayor, leaves Sol America Energy of Atlanta one step away from turning this farm land into a solar farm. 

“We don’t know what it can do to our water line,” says the mayor. “What it can do to the health of our city.”

“It’s great in a specific situation,” says Prather. “I think it’s great for the county to look into this. I think it’s great to develop. It’s just not going to help our town to grow. It’s not helping the safety this close to a residential neighborhood.” 

The Prather family built their dream home here, with the intent of retiring. 

Now, that’s up in the air. 

“If this was either here or we knew it was being proposed,” says Prather. “We likely would not have built. “

Some people do support the $2 million dollar, 51-acre project, but those against the change say… “in a county that is abundant with undeveloped farm land, I find it very surprising that, actually ridiculous, that they’re even considering this plot of land, next to our fastest growing neighborhood in our beautiful city,” says Mayor Zimmer. 

“I love the idea,” says Prather. “[I] would support it. I just don’t support it in my backyard.”

If the project passes through its final approval, it’ll likely begin in 2019. 

The next Woodford County Zoning Board of Appeals meeting will be held August 21st. 

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