PPD searching for suspect in a rash of armed robberies in Peoria’s second district

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Peoria Police are on the hunt for a suspect in the city’s second district. This after they’ve received four reports of armed robberies within the past 2 weeks.

“He said, “No. I want bread, Ineed bread, and I know you have a lot bread in this car.”” said a Peoria woman requesting to have her name disclosed during Wednesday night. Concerned second district residents listen to woman’s hair-raising details of a robbery on valentine’s day. 

The woman continues, “I pushed my bill fold and check book towards him and I said, “Just take this and go.”  He said, “No. You’re going to drive me somewhere.””  

Police say they suspect is a black male, 5’10 and 150 pounds, dressed in a hoodie and mask.

Captain Todd Green said, “He struck three of the females in the mouth or the face in the armed robbery.” Green said one victim claimed they were sexually assaulted by the suspect. 

These accounts from residents are why Councilman Chuck Grayeb organized a meeting Wednesday to spread the word. 

“We need to get the people together and in the neighborhoods and get everyone to understand that there is a clear and present danger out there until this person is caught.                 

PPD says they’re have officers spread through the entire second district. 

“Some of them you will see, some of them you will not see,” said Green. “With the whole intent of trying to locate and arrest the suspect at hand.”

 Police say as you’re getting in and out of your car throughout the day to stay aware of your surroundings.

Officers don’t have a vehicle description right now, but ask anyone with details to contact crime stoppers at 309-673-9000.

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