UPDATE (9:24 p.m.) — According to an unofficial PFT press release, the contract is good for three school terms beginning in the current term.

The unofficial press release states wages for hourly workers were increased. Along with a salary increase of 6.5% in the first year, followed by a 5.5% increase for both years two and three.

School board president Marth Ross says she is glad both parties reached an agreement.

“We now can start concentrating heavily on getting our kids educated. Because that’s why we’re all here. No other reason except for the children and if we don’t educate them then we haven’t really done our jobs,” said Ross.

An agreement was not reached on the teacher-to-student ratio and equipping every school with a guidance counselor.

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria Public School (PPS) District and the Peoria Federation of Teachers (PFT) sealed the deal on a contract Monday night.

During the school board meeting, the school board approved the deal unanimously as part of their consent agenda.

Negotiations between both parties began in March and ended on Sept. 15 after several meetings with federal mediators. This deal stems from teachers wanting better pay, better teacher-to-student ratios and more counselors.

The PFT had already ratified the agreement on Sept. 18.

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