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PPS discusses district violence during a meeting Monday

PEORIA, Ill - Peoria Public Schools had their yearly reorganization meeting Monday afternoon.

During that meeting a member of the public brought issues relating to violence in the district to light.

A week ago 15 gang members were arrested in Peoria.

Several of those men were previous PPS students and that's what started this discussion.

A member of the public spoke on the men's arrest, saying the district should do abetter job teaching students right and wrong in the classroom.

She continued to say the issue is that many students don’t get these life skills at home.

The woman also said there must be a better relationship between administrators and teachers. She believes with these stronger relationships teachers and the district will be able to work better in creating programs to cater to students success in and beyond school.

“I would like to challenge district administrators to devote all of next year to revamping the discipline policy,” said Sharon Cruz. “To create classroom environments where learning can take place and where strong teacher student relationships can be created.”

The district’s superintendent Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat responded to these comments.

“We do have a lot of work to do and as leaders,” said Kherat. “But we need all entities to put their heads together and work, Peoria Public Schools cant do it alone.”

Monday’s meeting determined the board meeting schedule for the coming school year.This discussion is expected to continue throughout the coming months.

The board also approved a new president Monday, Dan Adler will be stepping in to the role.

He was in his second year as vice president of the board. The caterpillar engineer is also commissioner of the city's transportation commission.

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