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Your summer plans could be changing in the next few years.

Peoria Public schools is considering moving to a year round school calendar but first, they want your input.

“Students would have the same number of days off, it would just be spread over the year,” said Tom Blumer, Principle of Lincoln K-8.

The district is in the process of forming a committee of school leaders, parents, students, and coaches in an effort to improve academic achievement for your children.

The committee will research the impact of the plan known as a balanced calendar on extracurricular activities, collective bargaining, building and grounds, community activities, and family life.

“We go into it thinking it’s a good idea for everybody but I know we’re going to have people think of things that we didn’t’t think of,” added Blumer.

Josh Jackson has two kids in the district. He says he plans on joining the committee, and speaking up for his family’s well being.

“Us parents will have to adjust our work schedules then,” said Jackson. He adds, “For those parents that have set schedules, we will have to go back to our bosses, give all these explanations and of course switch up and may not be able to afford to keep them in these same schools.”

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