LEXINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — In an effort to bring God to the community, on Tuesday, the Lexington Council of Churches hosted a candlelight prayer vigil for the people of Ukraine.

Organizer David Proeber said they were filling a need.

“We saw that there was a great need to focus the power of the Lord on Ukraine and the horrible war going on there. We wanted to try to encourage God’s ear to bring peace to that land,” said Proeber.

The vigil included prayer and song. Ukraine native and Lexington resident Maryna Teplova spoke about her family in Ukraine. Teplova shared that her daughter and granddaughter will land in Illinois on Friday. She said it seems a bit unreal after the many months of trying to get them with her.

“We’ve been thinking about this for so many months. They were sitting in The Netherlands like several months living with relatives. Returning to Ukraine was horrifying for me because I did not want them to do that. But there was no other way. They had to return to get passports,” Teplova said.

Teplova said the candlelight vigil is a great sign of unity and support for those in Ukraine. She said the vigil reminds her of how she prayed in her home country.

“So there are not many places where I can go and light the candle and pray the way I used to do in the Ukraine. But here this event helps me feel that,” said Teplova.