Pre-trial hearing held for boy accused of setting fatal Goodfield fire

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EUREKA, Ill. — A pre-trial hearing was held Friday in the case of the 9-year-old Goodfield boy accused of killing five family members earlier this year.

Kyle Alwood faces five murder charges, one for each person who died in the April 2019 mobile home fire.

While Alwood himself was not in court Friday, his father, mother, grandmother and aunt were in attendance. The grandmother and the aunt were asked to leave the courtroom for a brief period of time.

Alwood’s aunt and grandmother were asked to leave because of strict rules surrounding juvenile cases, and the potential that one or both could be called as witnesses.

The defense is still waiting on the prosecution to present its case. Prosecutors said they plan on filing more motions which include allowing statements from other witnesses.

They also said it could be a while until this goes to trial; The discovery they are still working to turn over he describes as “minor” but did not go into more detail.

Another pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Dec. 20. If convicted, the boy faces 12 years probation, and likely mental health counseling.

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