MORTON, Ill. (WMBD) – Tremont-based company Precision Planting is expanding its footprint in Tazewell County.

The company has announced plans to build a new 500,000-square-foot operations center in Morton. The facility will be located along Erie Avenue, south of the exit ramp from I-74 East to I-155 South.

Precision Planting has been headquartered in Tremont since 1993 and creates products for farmers that improve the accuracy and data collection of their equipment and enhance crop yields.

The company’s new operation hub will serve as a global assembly, shipping, and receiving facility.

“With new products, a higher volume of the products that we’re selling, both in North America as well as around the globe, it’s just necessitated more space and more technology into our operations center to be efficient and bring it all under one roof,” said Bryce Baker, marketing manager for Precision Planting.

Baker said the company chose to stay in Morton because of its commitment to existing employees, he added that the new facility will also create more local jobs.

“We right now employ in our various warehouses that we have just under 400 employees in the local area, and so that will continue to expand. I know in some cases there’s 20 jobs mentioned as a requirement. We intend fully that we’ll have many more than that in the next handful of years,” Baker said.

Morton Mayor Jeff Kaufman said Precision Planting’s decision to grow in Morton will improve the quality of life for residents.

“With the jobs, the taxes, the revenue, the opportunities, our quality of life from our schools, libraries, our park districts are going to continue,” Kaufman said.

Kaufman added that infrastructure work has been done in the area to support Precision Planting and attract more businesses.

Construction on the facility will begin in July. An opening date is set for November.