Presidential protection: The Midwest company behind bulletproof podiums

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Executive Wood Products Podium

Bulletproof furniture is seeing an increase in popularity. Recent mass shootings are attributed with the bump in business for a Sullivan, Missouri company. Executive Wood Products has been around since the early 1980’s and if you see a world leader standing behind a lectern or podium that is anti-ballistic, chances are that it comes from Sullivan.

The White House, 2 different countries and almost every agency within government has a lectern, podium or work station made by Executive Wood Products. The company uses bullet-resistant glass, steel plates, fiberglass and then they encase that material within furniture.

The Founder and CEO, Paul Alexander, says the furniture has up to 8 levels of resistance. “We put level 8 materials in a presidential lectern… shot it 38 times in a close grouping with an AK-47,” said Alexander to CBS affiliate KMOV in St. Louis.

Alexander will tell you that a booming business is bittersweet. “The bitter part is that people have to be hurt for other people to recognize they need this, but the sweet part for us isn’t the fact we’re busy. The sweet part is the material we create can help safe lives and that’s our intention.”

The company has twenty employees but is so busy it will expand to thirty within the next couple months.

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