PRINCEVILLE Ill. (WMBD) — Dozens came out to Stevens Square Park in Princeville Saturday morning to show support for one student after being bullied at school.

Noah ­­­Guzman is a junior with autism at Princeville Junior-Senior High School. After two classmates snapped a photo of him using the school’s restroom, those students were only suspended for two days.

Guzman said these students were athletes for the school and deliberately targeted him. He said he was violated, and now he is calling for harsher punishments for the students who took and sent the picture out, even saying they should face criminal charges.

“We are not going to be silenced. The word is going to get out. And that’s our tagline here, hashtag #theprincespeaksout and hashtag #speakyourtruth because that’s exactly what we’re doing today and I encourage everyone to do the same,” said Guzman.

The next board meeting will be held on Feb. 7. Guzman is asking for as much community presence there to support his anti-bully stance.