Pritzker’s new executive order requires vendors to pay employees with disabilities at least minimum wage

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CHICAGO (WMBD) — Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a new executive order that ensures people with disabilities will receive equal pay when they work for state vendors or contractors Monday.

“Illinois is leading by example by ensuring people with disabilities are not paid a subminimum wage,” Pritzker said. “With this executive order, my administration is affirming that people with disabilities are valued members of our workforce who deserve the dignity of equal pay.” 

The executive order will prevent state agencies from entering into contracts with vendors in the State Use Program that pay people with disabilities a subminimum wage.

The order will also require state agencies to renegotiate existing contracts with vendors who pay those with disabilities a subminimum wage, to make sure all employees are paid at least the minimum wage.

State Rep. Carol Ammons (D-Champaign) said she is grateful to the Pritzker administration for taking steps towards pay equity for those with disabilities.

“We must be a leader in this and honor the labor of these workers. People with disabilities are valuable and deserve pay to reflect that,” Ammons said.

The executive order is also significant due to October being Disability Employment Awareness Month.

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