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Pro and Anti gun rallies gather across central Illinois

Bloomington - As the debate over gun control heats up across the nation, both federal and state lawmakers are pushing for some form of resolution. Meanwhile people here in central Illinois want their voices heard.

In Bloomington guns save lives had over 100 participants protesting any new gun laws. After recent mass shootings, gun owners are worried that their guns will be taken away.

"The second amendment is under attack right now. And before our God given rights are taken away from us, we need to show that we're not gonna let it happen,” said Regina Noland, pro-gun organizer.

But not everyone agrees. While the pro gun rally took place in Bloomington, Peoria was having an anti-gun rally. Over 50 protesters stood outside Congressman Darin Lahood's office to voice their opinion on the matter.

"We're not opposed to the N.R.A. We're not opposed to the second amendment. We just think there's things that we can all be doing to reduce the risk of gun violence in our schools," Said Chris Schaffner, anti-gun organizer. "We're all patriots. We're all Americans. And we all have a responsibility to each other."

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