Pro-Trump boaters fill Illinois River, central Illinois Saturday

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EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — On Saturday many took place in a boat parade showing support for President Donald Trump on Labor Day Weekend.

This weekend, boaters took to the waters of the Illinois River to enjoy the last official weekend of the summer. Many took off from EastPort Marina in East Peoria to show their support and let others know it’s okay to support the President.

They honked their horns, blasted music and shouted while riding the waves and waving flags reading TRUMP 2020. Brian Banwart organized the event that brought boaters from as far as Springfield to East Peoria.

“We support Donald Trump for President,” Banwart said.

Banwart organized Saturday’s Trump Boat Parade and said it’s purpose was for people to celebrate and show their support for re-electing President Trump joining other cities with their support.

“There’s no reason to not have one,” Banwart said. “They’re having parades all over the nation; Boaters for Trump, it’s really a great thing.”

Banwart said he posted the event on Facebook about a month ago and said it received tons of support from Trump supporters from all over Central Illinois. He said he and the hundreds of others want people to know it’s okay to be supportive of the President.

“People are scared because they’re afraid they’ll either get beat up or called a racist or whatever the case might be. It’s kind of the way this cancel-culture has shifted,” Banwart said.

Hundreds of boats came out to participate in the parade. Julie Vyncke said she was out on the water to celebrate the end of summer.

“I have friends with a boat and they offered me a boat ride and I’m always up for a free boat ride,” Vyncke said.

Vyncke said it was amazing to see the comradely of the boaters, but says she personally isn’t decided on who gets her vote come November.

“I am very patriotic and I believe in boating, but I don’t have an opinion at this time,” Vyncke said. “I’m an American, that’s what I stand for.”

As for Banwart and the most of the boaters they have a message for those on the fence.

“On November 3rd, get out and vote Red,” Banwart said.

Banwart also said Saturday’s event wasn’t meant as a way to silence Democrat voices or any other movements taking place in the nation, rather purely to show support for the President.

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