WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Tangled Roots, the proposed brewpub in Washington, must pass a review in order for construction to begin.

The Historic Preservation Commission (HCP) will meet next Thursday, March 30, to confirm or deny demolition of the historic buildings that currently occupy the proposed location. If approved, city planners such as Jon Oliphant are excited as to what the brewpub would bring to the community.

“It is one of the biggest, biggest investments we’ve seen in the history of the city here, and not only the financial cost of it, but certainly the shear impact it will have not only on the Square but the city, to have this kind of restaurant/brewpub open up here. I think it’s going to spur additional growth in the downtown area,” Oliphant said.

CL-Red, the real estate developer behind the project, is confident that their design appeals to both the modern and historic aspects the commission is looking for.

“We’re really pleased with it, the materials, the colors, the palette, all work with the neighborhood, the scale works with the neighborhood, the window openings work with it as well, but it’s introducing something new,” Nathan Watson, CEO of CL-Red, said.

The budget for the project is in the $7-8 million range. Watson said they will have a better idea of when the brewpub will be constructed after the meeting next week.