A new program could give business owners in Peoria’s South Village the chance to make improvements to their business.

The Commercial Building Rehabilitation Program will go before council Tuesday night. It gives businesses a matching grant for projects to up $20,000. The money will come from the South Village TIF Fund.

A similar project was recently put in place for homeowners in the area. The goal is to encourage large projects that improve the condition of buildings on the South Side.

“All we’re doing is supporting people already getting it done. If you’re already in the district, if you’re already paying taxes, your city should be able to come in and assist you to do what you’re doing better because, at the end of the day, what you’re doing is good for the city as a whole.” Councilwoman, Denise Moore, says.

If the program is approved, business owners will have to complete an application and submit plans for their project.