PEORIA, Ill.– A local park could be getting some new sights to see. On Sunday, a meeting was held at Cyd’s in the park and it was to gauge public interest in the proposed sculpture garden that would take the place of the old golf course at Donovan Park.

Community members got a chance to see what could adorn the rolling hills of Donovan Park. And provide Peoria with a unique way to experience art.

“One of the things about art is its not accessible by people just walking up and seeing it. Whereas a sculpture garden gives you the opportunity to actually engage with the art and learn a little bit about the art and the artists,” said volunteer Doug Leunig.

Approved by the Peoria parks board in November, the Donovan sculpture park will feature up to six sculptures.

“We have a tentative budget of $30,000 for these six pieces in the first year. If things go well, we will increase by three for the next two years,” said volunteer, David Pittman.

Volunteers say the former golf course is a great layout for the proposed area.

“Having visited a number of sculpture parks and just knowing how they are similar to golf courses in their layout and taking a nice long walk. Donovan is beautiful and perfect for that,” said Bradley University professor of sculpting, Fisher Stolz.

Herb Eaton, a former Peoria native, made the drive from Bloomington in hopes of the garden coming to completion.

“Public sculpture is a really good idea for communities to have. Because people like to have a 24/7 art museum they can drive around,” Eaton said.

Per the agreement in November, the Peoria parks board picks what sculptures are placed in the park and where they’ll be located.