Prosecutors look at Zimmerman’s phone, computer for signs he murdered his ex-wife

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Information from Kirk Zimmerman’s phone and computer suggest he may have killed his ex-wife Pam in 2014. 

Thursday could be defined as a break through for the States Attorneys as digital evidence shows Zimmerman deleted phone calls, text messages and internet history the day after Pam was murdered.

The prosecution called Bloomington Police Department Digital Forensic Detective William Lynn to the stand. Lynn was tasked with retrieving all electronic devices that were owned by Zimmerman and analyze them to determine his whereabouts and internet activity in the days leading up to the murder.

Earlier this week, Zimmerman’s girlfriend from 2014 Kate Arthur took to the stand. On the day of the Pam’s death, he and Kate were supposed to have a date at his home, but he wouldn’t answer the door.

Arthur then called and texted him. She said she eventually went home because he didn’t answer. Zimmerman later texted her back, saying he had been asleep.

Even though both Arthur and Zimmerman knew the date was scheduled for that night, Arthur said Zimmerman did not answer the phone because he has a habit of turning off the phone before going to sleep or taking a nap.

Thursday, that habit was confirmed. 

Detective Lynn said that was a pattern in Kirk’s phone records; turning off his phone for bed. However, when asked if Zimmerman turned off his phone on the day of Pam’s death, Lynn said no. 

Lynn also said he analyzed Zimmerman’s online activity the day after the murder and he found out Zimmerman deleted all of his phone calls and internet history, as well as several text messages. 

One of those messages was between him and Arthur, where she asked him if she can come over for the date earlier. He replied by saying no, and that he was running errands at the time.

The trial has wrapped up for the week and will be back in session Monday.

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