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Personal information, especially information that can link someone to their finances should always be protected. In this day in age online scammers continue to make that increasingly difficult. One important thing to keep in mind when taking precautions is to take not on scammer’s patterns and their targets.

According to the AARP new data suggests scammers target women more often than men, but men tend to lose more money when there’re scammed. There are several common ways crooks get a person’s information. Emails are one of the most popular ways scammers get people to click on links that allow malware to take over your computer. AARP reports that woman tend to click on links that promise sales, where as men tend to click on the ones promoting new products. The second form of attack is coupons, which women tend to click on more often. Again by clicking on the fake coupons found on the internet, you could be exposing your computer to malware. This can apply to links promising to lead to reviews or demonstration videos. Lastly shopping APPs can also sometimes lead allow your computer or phone to get infected with a virus and end up allowing scammers to access your information. The take away is to be careful on what you click on and what you download. 

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