Putting a sign along the road in Pekin could cost you

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If you put a sign in an easement in Pekin you could pay. The city says it’s in an effort to beautify the community.


It doesn’t matter if this is for a fundraiser, an ad for your business, or a garage sale, if it’s in the area between a road and a sidewalk, it could cost you.


The city is making a push to spruce up its streets and calls this a logical step in those efforts.


“You’ll see them being put up a lot of times on Friday, Saturday when code enforcement isn’t working. They’ll go to every corner, they’ll put 4-5 of them up and then somebody else will put them and by the time you’re done there’s 5 or 6 signs at every corner. It’s just is not the look that we’re trying to achieve here in the city of Pekin.” City Manager, Tony Carson, explains.


Carson says over the past few months the city has worked hard to spruce up its streets, and tattered signs for a neighborhood garage sale or offering to buy your home don’t match the curb appeal.


“Certainly putting them on telephone poles, in the right of way, is not the way to go.” Carson says.


Signs in the easement, which stretches from the curb to the sidewalk, will be removed. And it could cost you up to ten dollars per sign. Street crews and police gathered dozens in a recent sweep.


Carson says the best route is to take your message elsewhere.


“There are apps for garage sales, estate sales, I think the world is changing and just plopping a sign up at an intersection is the easiest but it’s not the most effective and it’s certainly not what’s allowed in the city of Pekin.” Carson explains.


The city says the rules apply to everyone, when asked about the signs we spotted around town for the city’s own marigold festival, the city manager says “We certainly support the Marigold Festival but again we don’t have different rules for different organizations that wouldn’t be fair but what we’re trying to make sure is that everyone’s following the same standards and we’re being consistent .”


The city says it’s not trying to fine individuals or companies, just get them to stick to what the rules are to make the city more attractive.


As a rule of thumb, if it’s not your property you can’t put a sign there. For more information you can contact the city of Pekin.

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