BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Roe V. Wade, the landmark case that gives women the right to an abortion, is possibly being overturned.

An initial draft majority opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito circulated inside the court and was obtained by Politico. In response, dozens of people in McLean County rallied together on the steps of the McLean County Museum of History on Tuesday.

The non-profit organization Women’s March, which has branches across the country, called for a nationwide rally in support of abortion rights.

“We are upset and frustrated about the news that the U.S. Supreme Court has drafted a majority decision to overturn Roe V. Wade,” said Rachael Lund, creator of the event and community organizer.

Men and women alike stood on the steps of the history museum to spread awareness of their opinion.

Noah Anderson, who attended the rally, said, “70% of people in America support freedom of choice, and we have a government that doesn’t represent that, so I think it takes the people coming out here together and more events like this that are actually going to put the pressure to protect this.”

Some event-goers said options like abortion need to be accessible for women.

“I think we should continue to provide resources for women and make sure that there is always access for these resources and for these medical procedures for women,” said Sara Gerow, who attended the event.

“This is a step back. People are trying to take our rights away, and women have literally died to accomplish the rights that we have under Roe V. Wade right now, so people are trying to take those rights away. The thing is, is abortions are still going to happen, they’re just not going to be safe anymore, and this is going to threaten people’s lives,” said Lund.

Anderson said his mother used Planned Parenthood for a number of different medical needs. “Planned Parenthood was basically her healthcare growing up. That’s where she got tested, where she got cancer screened. Knowing that all these kinds of stuff could be in danger, I was just heartbroken.”

Lund said she had a message for those who might not be in favor of Roe V. Wade, “If you’re pro-life, then let’s fund the things that prevent people from getting pregnant or having unwanted pregnancies in the beginning.”

There was one man who wanted to disrupt the rally, but the event-goers spoke over him, and he was moved away by police officers.