Rare goat born at Bloomington’s Miller Park Zoo

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Bloomington’s Miller Park Zoo announced the arrival of its newest furry family member.

Thursday, the zoo announced the birth of a baby, a male San Clemente goat, which is native to the Channel Islands off of California’s coast.

According to the zoo, the mom, “Storm” gave birth to a baby boy on April 15.

Miller Park Zoo director Jay Tetzloff, said only about 700 goats of this breed are left in the entire world, making them a critically rare breed. Only a handful of zoos in the entire country have this breed of goat.

Tetzloff said breeding these goats is important to the breeds sustainability as well as the children zoo’s long-term success.

“We’re glad the zoo could provide that conservation piece/education piece and it’s in the Children’s Zoo where we have lots of people come through and it’s a great opportunity to show off what a critical rare breed is,” Tetzloff said.

The baby boy has yet to be named and is on exhibit at the Miller Park Zoo’s childrens’ zoo.

The breed is relatively small, but larger than dwarf breeds. They are typically red or tan with black markings.

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