TAZEWELL COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — Motions are being filed in the case against Aaron Rossi of Reditus Labs.

The judge overseeing the civil court case involving Aaron Rossi ordered Reditus Labs into a receivership on Thursday. As previously reported, Rossi is being sued by his former business partner, Dr. James Davie for allegedly pushing him out of the Reditus and using company funds to finance a lavish lifestyle.

After an hour of closed-door negotiations Thursdsay, Judge Chris Doscotch said the parties had reached an agreement regarding the appointment of receivership.

“An independent person has been appointed for Reditus Labs LLC, in that the parties are all working together to preserve Reditus Laboratories LLC’s business and workforce in Central Illinois,” he said.

The receivership means a third party is overseeing the funds of the company and making financial decisions. Further, Rossi would no longer have access to company funds.

Attorneys Adam Silverman and Howard Adelman will be appointed as the receivers in this case. They will be assisted by accountant Jim Keane.

Additionally, the media previously filed a petition to unseal a portion of the case records. The judge has now changed the designation from “sealed” to “impounded”, which means only certain individuals can access the records.

The complex case involves nearly two dozen attorneys, so the judge had each team appoint a lead attorney, who will be the only people allowed to access the impounded records.

Despite an attempt by the media to get the records available to the public, objections have been filed by Rossi’s lawyers to disqualify Don Craven, the media’s attorney, due to an alleged conflict of interest. Additionally, a motion to object media intervention was filed.

Other lawyers for PAL Health Technologies and Reditus are expected to file similar motions in an attempt to block media access to the records.

Neither Rossi or Davie were in court Thursday.

The next court date was scheduled for May 2.