Recycling changes are happening in Peoria starting August

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Starting August 5th, neighborhoods with alley recycling pick up will now get their bins emptied twice a month. Currently, the recycling gets picked up only once a month.

“In our alley neighborhoods where garbage is picked up in the alleys, people would have to move their recycling containers to the curb. People in the neighborhoods that are serviced by the alleyways raised concerns about that. So over the last several months we have been trying to find a solution,” said Patrick Urich, Peoria City Manager.

To make this work, the City of Peoria will now be paying PDC an additional $6,200 per month because of the extra time it takes to get the bins from the alley.

“Typically you’re gonna pick up a stop about every 10 to 15 seconds. When you service alley wise it’s going to take 2 to 3 times longer than that. You don’t get the efficiency so you have more man power and more time, more hours,” said Matt Coulter, PDC Vice President of Sales.

Coulter said they have seen an increase in recycling from 27% last year to 39 % this year. He said this can only push it further.

“More frequent collection and easier way to get rid of your recycling instead of a container filling up, now they’re going to get it picked up more often and they’re going to be more apt to recycle event more,” said Coulter.

Peoria Disposal Company leaders said they are feeling positive about these changes but they want to stress the importance of recycling correctly.

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