NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — Illinois State University redbirds have begun flocking back to campus for the fall semester.

Move-in week started Monday and will continue through the weekend. Classes start Monday, Aug 22 and many expect this school year to look more like 2019.

“I would say students are absolutely excited to be back, and I think some parents are too, quite frankly,” ISU director of housing, Stacey Mwilambwe.

Mwilambwe said this year, students did not have to test for COVID-19 before moving into their dorms and masks are optional in residence halls. She said ISU decided to keep one adaptation from the pandemic; assigned move-in times.

“We kept them signing in for move-in times and students really appreciate and so do the families of having individualized attention, space and time and they weren’t as close to others moving in,” Mwilambwe said.

Parents, students and 300 upperclassmen volunteers hauled bags of clothes, appliances and totes of belongings. For freshman Haley Greco, it’s her first time away from home in 18 years.

“It was definitely nerve-wracking and saying your goodbyes, but now that I’m here, I haven’t thought about home once, I don’t think,” Greco said.

Freshman Franky Weber said it took an hour and a half to pack Wednesday night and about two hours to make the drive down.

“I think everyone’s feeling a little new, a little nervous, but I think it’s an excited nervous I’m feeling,” Weber said.

Weber said he hopes to get a job on campus and is excited to be around people his same age.

“I’m a big people person so I can’t wait to meet new people; like I know the people I am living with, but people on my floor especially I am excited to meet them,” Weber said.

Throughout the weekend, Fell Avenue will be closed from Mulberry Street to College Avenue and is southbound only from Mulberry Street to Beaufort Street.