Redistricting Committee introducing new possible district lines for Peoria County

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria County Redistricting Committee introduced the second version of plans for the future of the county’s district in a meeting Thursday.

The plans show new lines for districts 14 and 16. County leaders say the redistricting comes in response to the 2020 census results, showing a decreasing population in the county’s southern districts, and growth in the northern districts. James Fennell, Vice Chairman of the Peoria County Board, said they have to now work to keep the districts equal.

“Eighteen districts is about 10,000 people in each district, rounded off,” Fennell said. ‘It’s forcing us to change and even create a new district out on the outer edge.”

The new map shows District 14 encompassing more of Northern Peoria County, like Dunlap and Jubilee State Park. It depicts District 16, which covers the county’s western, more rural area, gaining Brimfield, Elmwood, and Farmington.

Brian Elsasser, District 14 County Board member, said this redistricting would help keep school districts, like Elmwood, together. He said he’s supportive of the new map.

“My district, you know, covers the northern part of the county, and District 16 covers the western and southwestern part of the county,” Elsasser said. “It’s more contiguous and compact that way, and so it does make more sense from a geographical aspect.”

The Peoria County Board will vote on a final map on Nov. 30.

To view an interactive map of the new plans, visit the Peoria County Redistricting Committee’s website.

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