PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — There are new filings in the civil case against Reditus Labs CEO Aaron Rossi.

Rossi is accused of pushing his business partner, Dr. James Davie, out of the company. In a trove of more than 200 pages of court documents, about 40 pages are dedicated to a deposition from Rossi’s half-brother.

Inside that deposition are claims that Rossi misused company funds for a lavish lifestyle and had secret plans to squeeze Davie out of the company.

Davie’s attorneys asked the judge to decide on a portion of the case without holding a trial, known as a partial summary judgment. They claim Davie, not Rossi, is the majority owner of Reditus Labs, and believe the court should recognize this.

Furthermore, Davie’s attorneys requested the court make Reditus’ finances public. Currently, those documents are sealed and redacted.

Rossi’s spokesperson, Natalie Bauer Luce, released a statement to WMBD regarding the filings.

“These are desperate claims, written and timed to continue to try this case in the media.  We look forward to having our day in court, and we question what ownership, if any, Dr. Davie has in Reditus.”

In response, Davie’s attorneys stated the following:

“Rossi has no basis to question Davie’s ownership for the following reasons: 1) Rossi issued a federal tax K-1 to Davie, under penalty of perjury, which is only issued to an owner; 2) Rossi told his half-brother in the text messages in the court filings, that Davie is an owner and that it is “not always good to be an owner.” 3) Rossi opposed a receiver being appointed in the Herzog litigation because Davie was an owner. Rossi cannot have it both ways. He cannot tell the federal government and the courts that Davie is an owner and then instruct his spokesperson to question Davie’s ownership.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the state paid Reditus Labs more than $200 million for testing.

The court will hear these motions on June 23.