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Remembering David Ransburg

PEORIA, Ill. - The city of Peoria is mourning the loss of former Mayor David Ransburg who died this weekend after battling a lengthy illness.

A native of Indiana, Ransburg moved to the River City in the early 70's to buy the sprinkler manufacturer LR Nelson Corporation.

For someone who didn't grow up in Peoria, Ransburg would eventually call the city he loved his home.

Beginning his service as an elected official in 1993, he would then become Mayor for four years. Current Mayor Jim Ardis says Ransburg was a pillar in Peoria's success.

“Dave was a good role model, I had a good opportunity to observe Dave's leadership skills and how he approached important issues," said Ardis.

Council members who worked alongside Ransburg remember him as a creative man who always put the community first.

“He was a true intellectual, the kind of guy whether it was a strategy or some kind of business plan he sat down and put his heart and soul into it.” said Eric Turner, At-Large Councilman. He adds, “You could put credibility in to that document that he helped prepare.”

In 2012 Ransburg became the Founding Chairman of the Peoria Riverfront Museum, that project becoming another contribution to the community he constantly looked to improve.

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