Remembering the life and legacy of Chalise-Krazii Strong Scholl

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PEORIA, Ill — After being given six months to live, 37 year old Chalise Krazii-Strong Scholl started saving up for her own funeral.

While battling stage-four cervical cancer, Scholl met her closest friends. The group called themselves the fantastic four, becoming each others’ hope when they needed it most.

“She’s amazing. She would always tell me, you give me strength and I’m like, no you give me strength. We’re arguing about who gives who the most strength. So it was, she was amazing, was and is amazing,” said Charlitha Foster, close friend of Scholl.

Charlitha, Rose and Tonya, Friday got a chance to reunite with Scholl’s family, some of them meeting for the first time.
Together they remembered how Chalise changed their lives, and picked out flowers for her funeral.

“They are gonna make her flowers for her from them three, because it was the fantastic four. They had t-shirts made, each from their own colors from whatever cancer they had, and all four pictures are on the front of it. They have their names on the back,” said Meri Baucom, Chalise’s aunt.

Scholl’s aunt Meri Baucom says her niece would help anybody in anyway she could, Chalise two years ago even spent all her life insurance money she had to bury her mother. When Chalise got her own diagnosis, knowing time was fleeting, she started saving for her own funeral. Baucom remembers the moment she saw the go fund me account.

“I just, I cried mostly because she’s my niece and you don’t want to see that. But then again it’s like, oh my gosh look at all these people, and to think she was smart enough to save some of that to think of herself, but yet to help anybody that she possibly could,” said Baucom

Charlitha’s friend says her legacy will never be forgotten.

“Her last week here, it was just nothing but god, I mean she was the strongest person ever, I mean she could barely breath and she was singing and making us laugh,” said Foster.

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