Renner called out for what many perceived to be a racist comment

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner was called out in Monday’s City Council meeting for failing to apologize for what many perceived to be a racist comment. 

During the meeting. Renner was giving city awards when one man refused to accept his, saying the city needs an apology from the mayor. 

The controversy began last month during one of mayor Tari Renner’s open houses. While speaking to neighbors about their public transit concerns, he was asked about his plan to increase diversity on the Connect Transit Board. 

As he proceeded to explain his point of view, the conversation took a turn and ended up with the Mayor saying quote “Clarence Thomas does not act like someone who’s African American.”

The sentence caused uproar within the city and at the Bloomington council meeting Monday night, people confronted Renner.

“There’s just no need to  make these comments,” said Scott McCoy, Bloomington Resident. “People are going to misspeak or say something stupid, that happens, I’ve done it, but when its this severe and it’s constant. I would expect the council to step forward and go, we have to say no to this, this is ridiculous and demand an apology.” 

Renner never officially apologized, in fact in an interview with WMBD he said he wishes he did not make the statement. He went on to say what he said may have been taken out of context and the people who spoke out that night are people who do not agree with his political view. 

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