Rep. Dan Brady educating residents on proposed graduated tax plan

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Tuesday evening Representative Dan Brady (R-Bloomington) held a forum to inform residents on Governor J.B. Pritzker’s potential graduated income tax plan.

Rep. Brady said, “The voters in Illinois need to know more about the actual plan that would move Illinois from a flat tax to a graduated income tax.”

The tax plan was a major part of Governor Pritzker’s campaign. Now that Pritzker is in office, he has laid out a potential plan that could be a reality.

The income based tax plan means you’d pay a rate anywhere from 4.75 percent to 7.95 percent.

“The governor has been a great partner with us on this,” said Rep. Don Harmon (D-Oak Park). “It is moving through the senate right now, it came out of committee. When we come back from our recess, I’m looking forward to calling it in the senate and sending it over to the house.”

Bloomington resident Rick Phillippe however, isnt a fan of the governor’s plan.

Phillippe said, “If I pay 10 percent then I think if you have a lower income you should pay 10 percent.”

Phillippe believes raising taxes up would drive businesses and jobs out of Illinois.

“The people that make the large income are going to pay a lot more in taxes. They pay a lot more now, if you do this these people who have these large corporations are gonna move outta Illinois.”

Brady doesn’t believe Pritzker’s plan would be good for Illinois either.

“Really when you look at it you need to be concerned,” added Brady. This is something that we’d be giving the government another open check to raise our taxes.”

Pritzker’s potential plan requires a state constitutional amendment, meaning voters could be voting on the change next year.

Pritzker offers other options if this graduated income tax doesn’t plan. Either cut the state budget by 15 percent or raise taxes across the board.

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