Rep. Darin LaHood slams new Congressional maps as ‘unfair’

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — In state capitol news, republican lawmakers are reacting to the new congressional maps after Governor Pritzker signed them into law last Tuesday.

Republican Darin LaHood called the maps “unconstitutional” and said Pritzker went against everything he ran on in his campaign for governor.

He said Illinois’ process for drawing maps should not involve lawmakers and people, not politicians, and the people should choose the representative.

LaHood said many independent organizations that grade redistricted maps for states have given Illinois’ an F minus.

He said the gerrymandering is not only unfair but also confusing to Illinoisians.

“They’re essentially going in and figuring out where are people that have voted for Democrats in the past. They literally go street by street, block by block and put those perceived Democrats into one district to make it more advantageous for the person that’s going to run in that district,” LaHood said.

LaHood previously announced he would run in the newly drawn 16th District. He said there are multiple lawsuits filed against the maps and hopes they get overturned.

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