Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger sounds off on the President’s claims of voter fraud. Kinzinger went on CNN this morning, calling on President Donald Trump to produce any evidence to support his claims that three to five million votes cast in last November’s Presidential Election were illegal.

“It’s disappointing,” Kinzinger says. “I remember as a kid my parents would talk to me about, you know, what is relative truth versus actual truth. And you know, just standing for right. And I think it comes to both parties, you know, whether you’re on the left or whether you’re on the right, or in the middle. It’s saying, ‘look, we need to accept facts as facts.'”

Kinzinger also told CNN that claims like this undermine the constitution. His comments come after the president reportedly told congressional leaders he believes 3 to 5 million votes were illegally cast, costing him the popular vote.