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“Alzheimer’s affects all of us across this country and it is a disease that we need to work every single day to find a cure for,” Rep. Darin LaHood (R-Ill)

LaHood joined the Alzheimer’s Association, local health care officials, and caregivers Thursday to discuss how Congress can help fight this disease. Since being elected into Congress LaHood has made it a priority to find a cure.

“It’s gonna take advocacy, it’s gonna take tax dollars, it’s gonna take all of us coming together I’ve been proud of the role that I’ve been able to play in Washington D.C and I look forward to continue to do that here back home and in the halls of Congress,” said LaHood.

Alzheimer’s disease causes issues with memory and behavior with up to three million new cases each year.

“It’s a strain on the person but it’s also a strain on the families there’s a lot that goes into caring for somebody, it’s a stressful disease there’s no cure so as it progresses people with the disease will need more and more care,” Senior Manager of Community Education and Volunteers Illinois Chapter of Alzheimer’s, Elizabeth Hagemann.

LaHood is the Co-Chairman of the Alzheimer’s Working Group. His efforts along with others have helped the Alzheimer’s association reach record heights.

“We’ve been able to quadruple our funding over the past seven years because of advocates like him and it’s huge for the families that are here right now for him to be able to listen to their stories and hear their needs,” said Hagemann.

LaHood says they’ve been working hard to put taxpayers money to good use.

“That money goes to scientists and research, to the researchers to work on finding a cure and we have some of the top people in the country working on that,” said LaHood.

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