PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill. (WMBD) — Congressman Eric Sorensen visited Peoria Heights on Thursday to understand how federal funding is making an impact in the community.

One of the community-funded projects secured by Sorensen is rehabbing Prospect Rd., the major artery of the village, so it can accommodate cars and bicycles at the same time.

“It’s already an epicenter for life…and now the federal government will be coming in here and we’re going to make an investment in dollars on Prospect St. and Illinois 29. The funding here is going to allow the next phases of redevelopment. Also, we’re going to make sure when roads are redone, they’re multi-modal,” he said.

Sorensen mingled with leaders and residents at Village Hall. The group then walked down Prospect Rd. to speak with business owners. One business owner treated the group to some champagne.

Sorensen said he wants to hear from residents so he can be their voice in Washington D.C.

“The thing I get out of times like this is, I want to listen. I want to listen to the community. How can I be an advocate for the community in Washington? To make sure we’re doing good by our neighbors. That’s the most important thing…It’s not being the loudest person in the room, the loudest person in Washington, I don’t even want to be the loudest person in this room. I want to be the listener so that I understand how I can be the voice for the neighbors right here,” he said.