Republicans disagree with Pritzker’s plan to rebuild Illinois

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PEORIA, Ill. — The governor continues to celebrate his plan to rebuild Illinois.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker traveled around southern Illinois Monday to tout improvements to infrastructure and a new casino license.

Some Republicans said they are concerned that pet projects for democratic members of the general assembly are getting more funding than projects in republican jurisdictions.

“Many roads, the miles of roads, the bridges all across the state, the bridges, the significant investment necessary is in mostly downstate Illinois,” Pritzker said. “Although there are Democrats in districts in this area and across downstate Illinois, most of that is represented by Republican representatives and senators. I am very much in favor of fairness here. I want to make sure we are making the investments that are necessary.”

Some House Republicans said the capital plan is packed full of pork, referring to pork barrel politics or granting favors in exchange for support.

Hundreds of millions in the plan are earmarked for efforts around Chicago, including $400,000 for area dog parks.

Two-hundred-fifty-seven of the 362-page bill mentions funding around the city, despite concerns about frivolous spending in democrat dominated areas.

Pritzker said he believes the allocations are fair, he said a good portion of funding from the bill will trickle down state, thanks to higher education projects.

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