Residential side streets still slick days after winter storm, Peorians warn of safety precautions

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In the Midwest, we’re no strangers to slick roads and ice days after storms.

If you’ve driven on the main roads in Peoria this week, you probably haven’t noticed many issues.

The city’s responsibility is to prep, treat and clean the main roads, but people in residential neighborhoods say their streets are still looking pretty bad. 

“I think the main roads the city did well,”said Jim Nelson, Peoria resident. “The side roads I’m not too sure about.”

Retired electrical engineer Jim Nelson he likes to spend cold days inside when he can, but even he said, residential sides roads are hard to walk or drive on safely. 

“It’s those roads you have to be real careful about,” said Nelson. 

Public works manager Sie Maroon said city crews use most of their resources to take care of primary city streets first.

“We do not use, unless there’s an absolute need, we do not use material rock salt and things like that on residential areas, but we do plow them, curb to curb,” said Sie Maroon. 

It’s been a few days since Sunday’s winter storm, but remnants of the rain, ice and snow are still very visible on those residential side streets. 

Nelson says driver awareness is the best way to keep incidents to a minimum. 

“Being able to control your car under conditions like this is especially important, especially when there’s kids around,” said Nelson. 

The actual first day of winter isn’t until Friday, Dec 21. 

It’s safe to say, this is just the start of the snow and ice.

It’s better to get prepared now and be ready for what’s to come.

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