Residents along Illinois River coping with flooding damage

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CHILLICOTHE, Ill. (WMBD) — The Illinois River is now receding after it crested at just below 28 feet this weekend.

Many in Central Illinois are still trying to deal with damage and residue from last week’s major flooding.

Denise Antonacci and her family live right next to Shore Acres Park in Chillicothe, which runs along the Illinois River. She says every year her and family have to deal with the flood mother nature brings.

“It’s getting to the point now probably since 2015, we’ve had a flood every single year of some magnitude,” said Antonacci. “You know it’s gonna happen, this is the norm, you look for it every year and hope it doesn’t happen but so far that’s not been the case.”

The storms have put many houses and roads completely underwater, forcing residents to find new methods of getting to work.

“Most people have boats or kayaks or canoes. if it’s this bad then we’ll park across the street or at the park district and leave your car there overnight, and you just gotta row your stuff in and out,” said Chillicothe resident Heidi.

Antonacci says it can be tough for many of her fellow neighbors., but as long as you remember to prepare you should be alright.

“When you learn how to prep for it and you learn how to deal with it from time to time, eventually it’s just like driving your car into your garage,” said Antonacci. “You drive your boat into your garage, you get out, you get into your house and onto your deck. It just starts to become so normal that to us it’s not a negative thing.”

Antonacci says she hopes things get back to normal this week.

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