UPDATE (6:47 p.m.)– The LaSalle County Health Dept. released a statement on their Facebook page

The LaSalle County Health Department has been monitoring the ongoing situation at Carus Chemical in LaSalle, IL. We were made aware that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) arrived onsite earlier this afternoon and is currently conducting air monitoring in the area. As soon as these results become available, the Health Department will make the public aware of where they can find the results.

As smoke can be a respiratory irritant, we encourage anyone with underlying heart or lung issues to limit their time outdoors until the air quality results are available. As residents begin to clean up, they are encouraged to contact the Carus Chemical Hotline at 815-224-6206. They are the best resource to answer specific clean-up questions.

The Health Department recommends utilizing common safety precautions when cleaning up any chemical:

• Protect eyes by wearing protective eyewear

• Wear rubber gloves, cloth gloves do not provide adequate protection.

• If contact with the skin, clothing, or shoes occurs, rinse thoroughly with water

LaSalle County Health Department

UPDATE (2:18 p.m.) — Carus has released a statement on the fire Wednesday.

Carus LLC reported a fire at its manufacturing facility in LaSalle, Illinois this morning around 9 am CST. Local fire department and emergency crews also are responding to the incident. The fire occurred in the shipping area of the plant during regular operations. As a precaution, LaSalle Fire Department has called for a voluntary shelter in place for those living within a three-block radius of the plant.

According to Carus Vice President of Operations, Allen Gibbs, all Carus employees are safe and accounted for, “We are thankful everyone is safe, and we are also grateful to the LaSalle Fire Department and crews from the surrounding area who responded to address this situation to keep the area safe.” He added, “Carus’ priority is to protect the health and safety of the employees, emergency personnel who are responding to this fire and the nearby community.”

More information will be shared as it becomes available.

JoLynn Anzelc

UPDATE (12:25 p.m.) — The Fire Chief confirmed that the fire is currently under control as crews work to fully extinguish the fire at the Carus Chemical Building.

Fire crews initially responded to the scene at approximately 9 a.m.

All the plant employees are accounted for at this time. No injuries have been reported at this time.

Residents are still encouraged to shelter in place at this time.

LA SALLE, Ill. (WMBD) — Residents are being asked to shelter in place due to a fire near Carus Chemical Building Wednesday.

According to a message from the City of La Salle, Fire Chief Jerry Janick has asked everyone in the Third or Fourth wards of the city to shelter in place for the next two hours.

According to a city of La Salle Facebook post, fire crews are on the scene, and everyone is encouraged to avoid the area to give first responders room to do their work.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.