CANTON, Ill. (WMBD) — A retired Canton Police K9 died on May 9, at Oakdale Veterinary Center.

According to a Canton Police Department Facebook post, 13-year-old K9 Jack was diagnosed with a sudden untreatable condition that caused a large amount of fluid to fill his chest, which rendered his lungs unable to function as they should.

K9 Jack was surrounded by his family and long-time veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Flessner, at the time.

Jack was born in Hungary and was the first Belgian Malinois to hold the position of a Canton Police K9. He was selected from Vohn Liche Kennels in Denver, IN, and completed his training with his handler, now-Lt. Demott, at the Illinois State Police K9 training Academy in Pawnee, IL.

“Jack was in part, selected due to his social nature, along with the ability to ‘Flip the switch’ when it came time for whatever task he was called upon to perform. I wanted a K9 that I could have around people. The community started the program and later bailed it out so that the program could continue. I felt that the community deserved a K9 that they could interact with, but was still able to get the job done,” said Lt. Demott. “Jack loved people. He would often sit on the foot of someone who gave him a good ear scratch or belly rub so that they had to stay put.”

K9 Jack was well respected in the Central Illinois area and was often called to assist agencies in Fulton County, ISP District 14, and Central Illinois.

Jack retired from the Canton Police in January 2016.

“Being K9 Jack’s handler and partner has been the best part and the greatest honor of my career. For those that get the opportunity to do this, it’s hard to go back to working without a dog. It gets in your very fiber. I would have done it until the day I retired if I had that option.” said Lt. Demott. “I want to thank the community for allowing me the opportunity of a lifetime, not just becoming a K9 Officer, but being able to pick that once-in-a-lifetime dog, and being forever able to say to everyone K9 Jack was ‘My Partner.”